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Drvenjača d.d.


"Drvenjača Fužine" plant

Basic data:

51322 Fužine, Donje selo 62
Tel: +385 (0)51 830 100
Fax: +385 (0)51 835 487
E-mail: drvenjaca@drvenjaca.hr



The plant processing wood fibres, based on the method patented by the Swedish company DEFIBRATOR, was acquired in 1971 with the aim to produce 30.000 t of the refined mechanical pulp (RPM) annually. Through systematic investment into the plant modernization, the company has been expanding its production capacties and strengthening its market position. During 1989, the company introduced the system of mechanical pulp bleaching with hydrogen peroxide . By this pulp bleaching system the fibres brightness level increased from 45 % ISO to 56 % ISO. The product is well marketed. The sales turnover reached 34.000 tons/year. In 2001,company introducted the twin-wire press, with capacity up to 150 tons/day and mass dryness of 48-50 %. In 2002, the company reached the production capacity of 44.000 tons/year. In the coming years company invest in flash dry system and in refining and separation line which increases capacity to 47 000 tons in 2007. In 2014, the company start up with wood pellets production. The pellets production capacity is 5 tons per hour.
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